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Per adult

Online €23,00 Normal €17,50 + €11,70 = €29,20 Your discount €6,20

Per child (4 up to 11 years)

Online €14,45 Normal €7,70 + €12,50 = €20,20 Your discount €5,75

Children up to 3 years are free at Sightseeing Rotterdam, they can sit on their parents lap

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Have you heard of Miniworld Rotterdam? Miniworld Rotterdam is a wonderful attraction for young and old alike. When you enter Miniworld Rotterdam, you find yourself in a miniature version of Rotterdam. Trains ride throughout the city. There is much to see: Miniworld Rotterdam is lively and fully in motion. Children can hardly believe their eyes, but adults can’t get enough of it, either. Not only do the trains ride, but the whole city in Miniworld Rotterdam comes alive, and you can see the city by day and night.

Visit Miniworld Rotterdam before or after your Sightseeing tour at an attractive discounted rate.

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This arrangement includes:
  • 75 minutes Sightseeing Tour
  • Ticket for miniworld Rotterdam
Terms and conditions:
  • Offer only valid on the same day as your Sightseeing tour
  • Tickets must be purchased through the Sightseeing tour online booking system
  • Children up to 3 years old visit Miniworld Rotterdam for free
  • Check the opening hours of Miniworld Rotterdam here
  • Transport to and from Miniworld Rotterdam is not included
  • No reservations required for Miniworld Rotterdam
Miniworld Rotterdam

A whole world is waiting for you! Come and explore the world of Miniworld Rotterdam. There is something for everyone! The mini-citizens of the largest miniature world in the Benelux countries are up to all kinds of activities. They work, live, travel, and experience many adventures along the way. A day in Miniworld Rotterdam only lasts 24 minutes Before you know it, nighttime has arrived and thousands of lights twinkle in the dark. When day breaks, 27,000 citizens wake up and the world comes to life. Trains rush to their destinations, trucks take their loads to the largest miniature harbor in all of Europe, and it seems like everything is in motion.

The bus

Spot the highlights of Rotterdam with Sightseeing Rotterdam, a sightseeing tour in an open-top bus which you often observe in big cities like Paris, Barcelona and London. Get in and discover Rotterdam in a stylish way.

Is it raining? No problem! When the bus hasn’t an open top, is has a panorama roof. You can still enjoy the city from inside.

Audio guide

Our bus has a wide selection of languages in the audio system.
You can choose between Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Rotterdam


The route of Sightseeing Rotterdam has been composed with utmost care allowing passengers to get the best of Rotterdam. For more information, please check the page Route.

Duration: 75 minutes
Audio guide: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Rotterdam


Ths arrangement can be added as an excursion. You can choose one of the various combination packages for your outing. When you make the reservation you can choose between several expansion capabilities. The more activities you combine the more discount you’ll get. Note that tickets can only be bought at our online booking system

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We advise you to book your ticket online. In this case you will know for sure that there is a seat reserved for you in our bus. It is also possible to book your ticket at one of oursales points. Combination tickets can only be bought online at our online booking system


The Sightseeing bus and Splashtours departs from the Parkhaven, opposite the Euromast (Navigational address: Parkhaven 20). Accross the schip ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’ guest can get in and out of the bus.

The Parkhaven can be easaly reach by public transport and there are enough (paid) parking places available. For more information about our location check the ‘Location and Parking‘ page.

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If you wish to pay by invoice and your group is smaller than 20 persons, we will charge € 25,- administration fee.